Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Week 3 – Create an environment in UDK using models that can display photos to be used in the “proof of concept” next week.

Week 4 (Fall Midterm) – “Proof of Concept” Prove that I can import textures from photos in real time into UDK engine and show them to the user. Take a photo of someone or something and put it into UDK.

Week 5 – Start programming the Java input program. Have the logic correct so the program knows what models to select.

Week 6 – Create a few custom human models that java program will select based on the input from the user.

Week 7 – Work on the Photoshop script to automatically create textures from the photos taken of the user.

Week 8 (Fall Final) – Have the java input program working and being able to decide what body shape model to give people. Show that I can create textures  of people from photos in Photoshop. Show that I can put the model into UDK and have the texture properly displayed.
Winter Midterm – Have a full functional installation minus the Kinect. User can use the installation and have it taken their photos and determine their body type and see it in  game. Just not able to have 1 to 1 motion with Kinect

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