Thursday, November 17, 2011


The idea of the game is to see yourself in the game accomplishing feats that would be impossible for you to do in real life.

Each different level will take place in the same room or a room that looks very similar from the previous.  The room is going to be a rectangle. The player will be at one of the room.

Level ideas that I have :

1.    Matrix “bullet time” level the user can move their body and move side to side to try and avoid bullets that are show slowly at them. They will have to move and twist and turn like Neo in The Matrix.

2.   A level where the user has to bend over to pick up a huge dumbbell that is in front of them and hold it over their head

3.    A level where you can jump in real life and you will see yourself jump to extreme heights on the screen. Maybe incorporate some sort of flying element into this.

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